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Our Preschool
and Kindergarten

At Woodland Montessori School, our mission is to foster the natural spirit of inquiry and thrill of discovery within each child by upholding the Montessori philosophy. We believe that learning is best achieved within a social atmosphere that supports each individual’s unique academic, physical, and emotional development.

Our goals:

  • To support an ongoing partnership between home and school within which independence, responsibility, and self-esteem are fostered.

  • To support a dedicated, certified staff teaching the whole child in multi-age, family-like groupings and a prepared classroom environment.

  • To nurture responsible citizens who are respectful of each other and their environment and who have the ability and desire to fulfill lifetime educational and social goals as members of their various communities.

  • To maintain the highest academic standards through a structured, individualized curriculum.

  • To maintain community buildings and playgrounds in a manner that is orderly, safe, of good quality, enhances learning, and reflects our Montessori philosophy.

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Quality Programs
for Ages 2-6

Early Learner Program (Ages 2-3)

This program introduces the children ages 2-3 to a Montessori environment and fosters emotional, social and academic growth. 

Early Childhood Program (Ages 3-6)

This program introduces introduces children ages 3-6 ​to the basics of academics while nurturing independence, self-esteem, and self-discipline​. 

Leadership Year/ Kindergarten (Ages 5-6)

The leadership year is the final year of the Early Childhood program. In the traditional multi-age Montessori classroom environment, the older children naturally assume the roles of leaders and mentors to the younger children, gaining self-esteem and mastery of skills by aiding younger students. 

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Montessori Philosophy and Curriculum

Multi-aged Classrooms

In a multi-aged classroom a younger child will looks to an older child for guidance both socially and in the academic arena. The older child will feel a high level of self-esteem, responsibility, and leadership.

Follows the Child's Interest

Dr. Maria Montessori believed: “Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his inmost core.”

Individualized Program for Each Child

In the Montessori classroom, children are honored for who they are and for where they are in their personal development.  Each child’s strengths and interests are recognized and built upon.

Things You Should Know

Staff Qualifications

All teachers have state-required units in Early Childhood Education, CPR and First Aid Training, Mandated Reporter Training, and Criminal Background Checked. Most hold higher education degrees and Montessori credentials through Montessori accredited training programs or are currently in training to ensure we maintain highly qualified staff.

Teacher to Child Ratio

Woodland Montessori School follows the State of Montana requirements for the Teacher to Child ratios in each of our classrooms. Every Classroom consists of one Montessori Certified Teacher with one to two qualified teacher assistants. 

Health and Safety Precautions

Our staff and children’s safety is our highest priority. Policies and guidelines are in place to provide a safe and healthy environment for all visitors, including: touchless attendance system, daily sanitizing and janitorial in a safe, enclosed campus with external security cameras, access code entry, and an emergency disaster plan.

Our Affiliations

The American Montessori Society (AMS) is the foremost advocate for quality Montessori education. AMS sets the high professional standards that inform Montessori education as practiced in AMS member schools and taught in AMS-affiliated teacher education programs. Woodland Montessori School is a proud member of AMS and supports its mission of empowering humanity to build a better world through Montessori. 

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AMS accredited member school

Woodland Montessori School is a proud participant of Montana's Best Beginning STARS to Quality Program as a STARS Level 3 facility. The Best Beginnings STARS to Quality Program is a voluntary quality rating and improvement system that aligns quality indicators with support and incentives for early childhood programs and early childhood professionals.

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​Montana Montessori Teacher Education Institute (MMTEI) is Woodland Montessori's resident teacher education program. Many of our current and previous teachers are alums of MMTEI. Upon successful completion of the program, adult learners earn an AMS Early Childhood Teaching Credential or an AMS Associate Early Childhood Teaching Credential.

For more information, visit:

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