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How Do We Know Children Are Learning Without Tests?

A certified Montessori teacher uses the scientific approach (observe, predict, plan, observe again) to help each child move forward in their learning development. The teachers have been trained in observation, documenting their observations, and then reflection used in planning upcoming lessons. This Montessori method of consistent assessment of each child is embedded in our teaching practices and provides the framework for the teacher to follow each individual child AND to witness the child moving forward on their learning journey.

In addition, Montessori teachers use the 3-Period Lesson as an amazing tool to introduce new terms/concepts and are able to use it to track (in other words, test) the child’s progress on whether they are internalizing their learning. The first period is the introduction, the second consists of the child practicing their association of the new term/concept, and the third period is when we ask the child to name what they learned. The teacher spends much time in the second period adding movement and opportunities for children to use their hands in their learning. During this period, we can tell if the child needs more work with this particular concept, if we need to give a refresher on a previous lesson, or if we are ready to move the child forward.

No stressful tests are needed!


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