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Montessori Reflections: Top Skills

Both Indeed and Forbes agree on the top skills employees need now and in the future; whether working for Fortune 500 companies or working for yourself and everything in between.

The same skill sets are required for these top jobs that your children are learning here at Woodland!

  1. Integrity → Our consistent positive discipline methods teach children they never need to be dishonest because mistakes are opportunities to learn.

  2. Critical thinking → Our teachers provide a space where all can be heard without judgment, and children learn to make their own decisions while they respect others.  

  3. Emotional literacy & empathy → We consistently help your children develop their emotional IQ as we talk openly about feelings and role model empathy.

  4. Creativity → The Montessori philosophy strongly believes in giving children space to experiment with their creativity in all areas of life.

  5. Decision making & problem solving → Our teachers consistently ask children how they will solve their problems, giving them practice in their skills.

  6. Collaboration & teamwork → Montessori students work together often in pairs or small groups and consistently work together to care for their classrooms.

  7. Flexibility → Your child strengthens their flexibility each time they wait their turn for their favorite material.

  8. Leadership skills & communication → Our multi-age classrooms give children the opportunity to learn which words to use to best teach their younger classmates the ropes of the classroom and how to lead their group with grace.

  9. Time management → Montessori children are fortunate to have big activities they can work on when they want, giving them practice in breaking large tasks into smaller tasks.

  10. Curiosity & initiative to keep learning → This is what Montessori is all about!  Keeping the child’s interest in their learning journey and building their intrinsic motivation comes from your children being able to make their own work choices and learn how to trust their drives.


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