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Montessori Reflections: Community

Our first task as Montessorians is to build a community for our students, where everyone feels safe, accepted, important, and included. As children feel this sense of belonging, they can grow, learn from mistakes, and practice relying on others and being there for their classmates.

Dr. Maria Montessori named her classrooms “children’s houses” to create this atmosphere.

When we actively nurture a child’s social-emotional development in this community mindset, the child naturally thinks and respects others, as well as grows into an adult, where this is second nature.

How to encourage community-mindedness in your family:

Affirm and recognize your child’s place in your family community- ”Thank you for working with your sister to pick up the toys; that was very helpful to the family!”

Talk to your child about their different communities and their contributions to each (family, class, church, sports team, etc.).

Set a good example by participating in community events with your child, like our recent Poetry, Popcorn, and Playtime event.

nd Playtime event.


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