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Montessori Reflections: Why nurture curiosity in young children?

Curiosity leads children to find awe and gratitude in the world around them, including its people. This keeps the children engaged and excited to know more and results in natural learning propelled by the child. When children’s curiosity is encouraged and given space for them to develop, they become intrinsically motivated and find joy in learning. These children grow into adults who continue to be lifelong learners, growing beyond expectations, accepting of others, and innovating. Adults who can imagine and create a better world are the adults we want to lead us!

“The child of today will make all the discoveries of tomorrow. All the discoveries of mankind will be known to them and they will improve what has been done and make fresh discoveries. They must make all the improvements in houses, cities, communication, methods of production, etc. that are to be made. The future generation must not only know how to do what we can teach them, they must be able to go a step further.”

-Maria Montessori

Woodland Montessori’s mission is to foster this natural inquiry and thrill of discovery within each child.’ We act as role models in valuing our own lifelong learning and continually take opportunities to learn how to best lead your young children towards their own. This Friday,  our lead teachers and administration will be virtually attending the annual American Montessori Society conferences to learn with the world’s largest collection of Montessorians.

Everyone is looking forward to the opportunity to discover new ways to bring the best practices back to the classrooms for your children. Thank you for your understanding of why we take time for important training!


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