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Educating the Whole Child = Fun Extracurriculars in Leadership Club (aka Kindergarten)!

The leadership year in an early childhood Montessori is an incredible gift, allowing children at the kindergarten level to continue on their own academic paths and boost their self confidence, which results in having smoother transitions into a new school for first grade. At Woodland, we also take pride in continuing a whole child education, guiding the child in growing academically, emotionally, and physically.

At the Kindergarten age children are ready to conduct themselves off campus for special activities, which is always a highlight for the children!

This school year they have taken walking field trips to the local grocery store and fire station, delivered small gifts to our school neighbors, visited KME to use the apple cider press, walked across the street weekly for ice skating lessons, went snowshoeing in Glacier National Park, are currently finishing up gymnastics lessons, and are looking forward to a ski day and several other exciting activities to round out the school year. These activities not only help children grow in their own physical abilities, they build self responsibility and courage. We always see immense growth in self confidence in our students after these special opportunities!


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