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WMS's Montessori Tidbits: What is normalization in Early Childhood?

Updated: Feb 13

This is simply the process of becoming a contributing member of a community. Maria Montessori believed that treating each other and your environment with respect is the normal state of operation. The most fascinating aspect of a normalized child is that they willingly comply with little direction! An example is when a child automatically cleans up and puts away one activity before getting out the next.

Young children become normalized spontaneously when their environment is set up to provide meaningful opportunities to develop themselves; instilling many skills, such as confidence, independence, order, and self discipline. The child wants to repeat these activities again and again, gaining concentration each time. Practical life activities are often the catalyst for young children to feel purpose and joy in their work.

Let us imagine a young child setting the table. First, they follow the request from the adult because it is something they also want to do. If they are given the space to do this as independently as they can and are not corrected, they will feel like a purposeful member of the family.

As they continue to concentrate on this task, the habit and process becomes joyful, and the child has become self disciplined in setting the table.


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